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Please contact Jason Ditzian, Project Manager, at doheelee@doheelee.com to discuss booking opportunities.


90-minute multi-disciplinary theater work, premiered in 2014

MAGO is a two-hour multimedia performance piece conceived, composed, choreographed, and performed by Dohee Lee. It is a highly technical work featuring intricate sound/light/stage design, video projections, elaborate costuming, shamanic drumming, and audience participation.

The narrative is outlined by the myth of Mago, the Korean creator goddess. Portraying six characters representing past and future lives, Dohee transports audiences on a mythological journey across continents, seas, internal psycho-spiritual realms, ancestral legacies, indigenous resistance, and a woman's earthly journey. By tracing a path from our homelands to our new lands, we find the threads of connection between all of us, shining a light to guide us into the future...

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Seasonal Rituals
Site-specific seasonal rituals, premiered 2013

These works combines aspects of ritual performance, installation performance, and audience participation. We are looking for opportunities to tour these works nationally and internationally – to galleries, universities and performance spaces.

ARA: Waterways Time Weaves
Site-specific community workshop rituals, premiering 2016

ARA: Waterways Time Weaves is a ritual performance featuring elements of Korean dance, contemporary dance, music with acoustic and electronic elements, and community participation.

ARA workshops will combine music and movement exploration with drawing and writing. Workshop inquiry will explore how home connects to the body (physical, emotional, imaginary) and the world (land, ocean, universe). We will explore how this creates belief systems. To reveal these connections, we follow the waterways through our ancestral lineage to research what has happened to the people and the land there. How did we arrive in America? What is the history of the land we inhabit? Who lived here before? What stories, myth, and rituals have been created? How do we carry ancestral trauma into the world we live in today? Dohee has developed a process of working with participants to transform their personal stories into performance. We utilize myths (ancient or modern) as narrative structure within which to tell the story of one's personal journey. This process draws techniques from her training in Korean shamanism as well as from Dohee’s mentor, Anna Halprin.

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