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Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee

Music Composition / Direction
Dohee Lee, Adria Otte

Sound Design / Programmer
Adria Otte, Donald Swearingen

Steven Sanchez, Dohee Lee

Set / Light Design
Jose Maria Francos

Costume Design
Alenka Loesche, Dohee Lee

Pak Han, Jason Lew

Jason Lew, Kyong Lee

Project Director/Development
Jason Ditzian

MAGO Project is a multidisciplinary performance installation integrating music, dance,
animation, ritual and Korean shamanism.

Mago is the creator goddess in ancient Korean mythology, central to the practice of
mudang. The legend of Mago outlines this piece, which aims to express the
interconnectedness of dreams and reality, past and present lives, karma and destiny,
microcosm and macrocosm. Through an exploration of the myth of Mago and my own
story, the piece unfolds in six chapters (see below), revealing this interconnectedness
and its implications in one’s life. The work itself will be a cleansing/purging ritual,
an intensely personal journey of birth, self-discovery, confrontation, action, and
and rebirth, and like all of my work, will embrace spirituality, politics and healing.

The ocean and peaches are two symbols that are threaded throughout the piece. The
ocean is the dwelling place of Mago, and is omnipresent in the lives of the residents of
Jeju Island, my hometown. Jeju’s strong shamanic tradition is centered on rituals
involving the ocean. The ocean is Mother, mystery and life. In Korean folklore, the
peach is a symbol of the creation of humanity. Also, my given name Dohee means
“bright peach.” Curiosity about the history and meaning of my name was one impetus
for this project.


SPEAK by Dohee Lee
Inner Travel with Myth and Past Lives, History and Stories, Dreams
by Dohee Lee and Jason Ditzian
Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Performance Video - MAGO
Invited Ritual, Asian Art Museum, August 23, 2012
The Journey of Death, the jouney one must take even in death while dead,
the procession of death, the order and laws inside of death, and thepath one must
penetrate... From that path I am connected with another one.

Interview with Dohee Lee
MATCHA: Shamanism with Artist Dohee Lee, Asian Art Museum, August 23, 2012

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