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Dohee Lee Puri Arts is

Artistic Director
Dohee Lee

Project Manager
Jason Ditzian

Technical Director
Josè Maria Francos

Production Manager
Lauren Geiger

Dohee Lee Puri Arts is the producing organization of performance artist, Dohee Lee. Our mission is to create and tour multi-disciplinary, community performance rituals under the direction of Dohee Lee. We utilize art to heal fractured relationships in the urban environment – relationships between humans and the land and between individuals and their communities.

Dohee's work arises from her intensive training in the practices of mudang (Korean shamanism). This tradition combines singing, dancing, drumming, costuming into village healing gatherings. Dohee Lee Puri Arts applies this ancient, indigenous approach to community healing to our urban village of the Bay Area, updated with modern tools of multi-disciplinary immersive art.


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