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Seasonal Rituals


Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee

Dohee Lee, Grace Kang, Elisa Ghang,
Kent Hong, Theresa Wong, Hun Kim,
Jeff Chan, Darren Matano, Yeri Shon

Miram Ching, Yoon Louie

Thomas Wong

Light / Stage Design
Jose Maria Francos, Susanne Takehara

Kallari Nishimoto

DeepSea is based off of arguably the oldest two books in the world called the Budoji
and The Chunbukyung. DeepSea is based off of the ancient writings of these two
books. The title DeepSea comes from my connection to the ocean, ocean songs and
ocean sounds. Through my experience I have found that working in nature has a
profound effect on my art and mind. I find inspiration in nature. I was born in a small,
beautiful island where many women are pearl divers and songs about the ocean comfort

On Jeju Island (off the South Korean southern tip), shamanic tradition is very strong and
connected to the ocean. The stories in DeepSea are intimately connected to the ocean,
ocean sounds and other sounds from nature. In the ocean is the knowledge of creation;
it's layers of deep knowledge and captured time of eternity offer a vehicle for me to
access information for my work. Korean shamanism encompasses a variety of
indigenous beliefs and practices. In contemporary Korea, a shaman is known as a
Mudang. The role of the mudang, usually a woman, is to act as an intercessor between
the spirit world and human beings. In DeepSea, as we look back to the roots of
Korean Shamanism, there are mystical goddesses who created the world and who
followed their destiny for Gods, Goddesses and Humanity.  Figures like MAGO and
BARI, who are still present in our lives.

All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved