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Concept / Direction
Dohee Lee

Music Composition / Performance
Dohee Lee, Van-Anh Vanessa Vo,
Hiroyuki Jimi Nakagawa, Adria Otte,

Set / Visual
Dohee Lee

Light Design
Jose Maria Francos

Alice Wu

Photography / Videography
Jason Lew

“SPoRa” explores themes of migration and the Asian diaspora within a context of
international War. Dohee Lee metaphors Immigration story as Dandelion spore’s long
Journey which tells beauty and hardship of leaving and settling and long thread of stories
between Past to Present.

SPoRA marks the sixth consecutive year of the PURI Project.

Leave, arrive and leave again.
Remain the journey as trace of History
Leave again as dandelion spore

Look at the it’s blossom
Look at the it’s flying away again

We leave again
And arrive


SPoRa 2010
Oakland Cultural Center / Jimi Nakagawa, Vanessa Vo, Adria Otte, Jamaesori

Puri 5: SPoRa, East Side Cultural Center
An artist of unparalleled beauty, Korean musician Dohee Lee mesmerizes audiences
around the world through traditional instruments, dance and voice.
In 2004 she created the Puri Project as a way to explore new art forms and collaborate
with other artists.
Music by: Dohee Lee, Hiroyuki Jimi Nakagawa, Van-Ahn Vanessa Vo

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All Images Copyright © Dohee Lee, All Rights Reserved